Cornflakes Airplane

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by May 15, 2011 in Projects and Activities

cornflakes carton cutouts

A paper airplane with an empty carton of Kellogg’s cornflakes…Real Honey, my son’s favorite :)

Tear off one side and draw with a thick marker an outline shape of the airplane. You can draw anything…from a stealth bomber to a passenger plane or a fighter aircraft!

Based on the airplane type, draw its wings - like in this cutout I’ve drawn a fighter aircraft with missiles :)

tejjas-with-airplaneTake a paper cutter and scissors to cutout the shape.

Fit all these shapes together and then color the complete airplane in camouflage patterns or you can even leave it without color.

Here you have a complete airplane which you can fly with your kids.

tejjas-adjusting-airplane-wingsThere is a pilot sitting in the cockpit withhelmet on! Careful!! Here you go!

You can download this template and make your very own airplane! Paint it red, paint it blue…or paint it crazy! Enjoy!

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