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  • Gaming system
  • this robot follows you around and sells antennae
    Salesman Bot 3M
  • Robot
  • Base 01
  • Sailing
  • Mechanic
  • Robot!
  • Jotting down his ideas before dozing off...
    Pillow Doodle
  • tejjas is launching a brand new jet car!!
    Jet Car
  • Tejjas made these two characters perhaps for a future story or comic book…i like to call them pop croc and boy croc…till he coins some other names!
    Pop Croc and bo...
  • Xmas!!
  • He made me trace his hand and this is what it transformed into...
    Hand Bird
  • Tejjas loves to make his own stories and illustrates them as well. Here's a small story by him....
    A Small Story
  • As a class assignment tejjas was supposed to draw a map of nearby landmarks...Here's his version!
  • Tejjas is into portraits these days...This is his first self portrait...
    First Self Port...
  • told my son to switch off the tv...And this is what i got :)
    Switch off the ...
  • just discovered this in one of his sketchbooks...
    In outer space
  • we had taken him to a nearby hill station a few days back...It seems to have left an impact on his mind...He was about to write a few words of poetry too...But got distracted
    Hill View
  • alien invasion... Super hero saves the city! A cityscape sketch by tejjas
    A Cityscape
  • tejjas created these two transformers. He has also coined names for them, ra and rb!
  • as a class assignment they had to come up with examples of 2 good and 2 bad sounds. Here's t's idea!
    Sounds – good...
  • Tejjas loves to draw and paint and sometimes he writes his own little stories too. Today he created this poem along with the cute green frog...He thoroughly enjoyed the process, so much so that he re-read the poem like a zillion times!!
    The little gree...
  • Poem
    The little gree...
  • Poem
    The little gree...
  • T's list for the picnic!! He made sure that everything was packed! Mom might forget ;) chips, juice and sandwich!!
    Picnic Checklis...
  • Tejjas likes to use watercolors. Loves the way it blends in. Each sketch weaves a new story...
    Watercolor expe...
  • Tejjas created these 'critters' some time back. Wonder what they are talking about. I better ask him and update here :)
  • On the left, he has created the bushes and trees by outlining his hand, isn't that sweet! Another water color painting, waiting to be framed :)
  • Tejjas loves the water colors, i am sure a lot of kids would. The vibrance and the playfulness of the medium is amazing. It's like a whiff of fresh air!
  • New characters by tejjas!! Sam & dam! They seem to be having a great time!
    Sam & Dam
  • The school had taken the kids to the post office a few days back. and we received a 'letter' from our son. Felt great! I was touched to see all the effort that went into it :) and also on the envelope!
    Letter from Tej...
  • Tejjas is creating amazing creatures these days, robots of course...Will share some more very soon. This one is really cute :) i know he will not like to describe it like this...
  • Dino
  • Tejjas made this by keeping his hand on the paper and tracing the outline. he kept doing it till he was satisfied! This beautiful landscape was all ready and done in a matter of minutes...He made this for me! love the idea. It's worth a try. I have been trying to convince him that it will look superb if he fills in colors...Still waiting, hope the little artist will oblige...
    Hand Art
  • Man
  • Some interesting little creatures! The small one with a pirate headgear seems the cleverest of the lot!
    Underwater Budd...
  • The young tribal boy is guarding his pot of gold. Wonder why he has kept it outside the house ;)
    The Tribal Boy
  • The police has caught hold of the thieves and is taking them away to the far far land!! The night looks tranquil and safe...
    Once Upon a Tim...
  • Tejjas is very fond of drawing cars. So much so that he wants to be a car designer when he grows up! Well that was stated in his report card from his previous class...
  • This time the setting is in a restaurant. The guys are discussing something about 'mailing in chinese food'. Will have to ask him to elaborate on the idea. Well, he just ran away...And the warrior guy is a statue!
    Another Meeting
  • Brought him with me to work today, and see what he has sketched! People discussing ideas, a meeting is on! Hop n talk is what he is calling it. Is it maybe a bus in which you can hop and talk! Lol!!
  • Just before getting his much pending haircut, tejjas was doodling these options!
  • What a ride!! And what a view :) any one wants to join in for a royal ride? Jump in!
    Royal Ride
  • The fascination with pirates and the pirate ships and of course the treasure maps is still very much on :)
    Ship - Ahoy!!
  • While we were out having lunch y'day, tejjas was busy doodling. He drew this fabulous piece!!! He was missing his colors, a reminder for me to carry colors whenever we go out!
  • A few days back, tejjas and his friends sat down with watercolors and brushes...To my utter amazement the kids created some amazing stuff! this is tejjas' attempt at it...And he chose one of his favorite subjects. A car, of course! Later that day, while he was watching the cartoons, he observed the water color effects and textures and was very pleased!
    Watercolors by ...
  • Floating boats, no, these are floating houses mumma! Tejjas drew this 'quick' sketch y'day. he added the stylistic clouds, on my request :) there is a huge waterfall at the edges. And a beautiful oriental house at the hilltop. It has a perfect storybook feel to it!
  • Looks like a robot egg has finally hatched. The little rooster is actually growing up too! Somehow in step 4 it seems to have grown up into something of a fusion! Interesting!!
    4 Steps!
  • He calls himself t man, well, since his name starts with a t and like most boys his age he is fascinated by all the super heros, the so called super men, so much so that he coined his own character! so, the ship belongs to the t man and he is out on a treasure hunt!
    T Ship
  • This is one of my fav sketches! He did this a while back, just love the way the huge sun is looking all big and magnificent! Totally love the house, looks like a wonderful vacation home :)
  • Tejjas saw this at the entrance to the children's carnival. Might have fascinated him a lot, so much so that he came home and sketched it. It is a very festive and a colorful event. He especially enjoys riding on the floats!
  • Beautiful christmas tree, decorated and all set for the christmas! Wonder who lives in that house? Maybe santa? His sledge is waiting outside too...It must be him!
  • Tejjas has this fascination with pirates and boats. This one is special. This boat can fly! And it is studded with gemstones :) see all the colorful gemstones. He made this in school y'day.
    Flying Boat
  • Pirates, treasure islands, treasure hunts and yes the pirate's attire are the current fascination. Tejjas loves all this. Here's a colorful version of his favorite cartoon in his own style...
    Jake and the Ne...
  • Aladdin, after fighting a heroic battle with the monster door of the palace...With the help of his magic lamp, manages to enter the palace and find the treasure! Here he is trying on the 'loot'!
    Aladdin – pag...
  • This is princess jasmine!
    Aladdin - page ...
  • Well, this is how the story goes in his own words :) aladdin, along with his parrot, monkey and the magic lamp, lands in front of the palace...Btw, he comes riding on his magic carpet. Now he has to enter inside, meet the princess and find the treasure!
    Aladdin – Pag...
  • Y'day, took tejjas for the movie...Finally!! It wasn't bad actually...Life's lessons taught in a typical filmy style. Not sure if any of the kids really got that..But they all seemed happy, there was a very different air in the theater... three cheers to the "spirit of childhood"!!!
    Doremon – aft...
  • Tejjas calls himself the t man :) a doodle he did y'day in school...Asked me to get it printed on a t-shirt!!
  • Like all little boys and girls, tejjas also wants to 'grow' big! And bigger...I guess it is a 'big' thing for these kids! While i was having a haircut, he was busy doodling in his sketchbook :)
    5 going on 6!
  • Here is a sweet melodious sketch that tejjas ‘made along a song’!! what a wonderful worrrrld! i see trees of green…red roses too, i see em bloom…for me and for you, and i think to myself…what a wonderful world!! i see skies of blue…clouds of white, bright blessed days…dark sacred nights, and i think to myself…what a wonderful world!!
    Sketch along a ...
  • jake n the para...
  • This sea horse has spots!
  • robot
  • But why is the king angry?? I asked my son... coz, no one's working mumma...So the king is very angry...
  • Tejjas seems to enjoy the wonders of nature, this is one theme he draws a lot, but this time quite surprisingly he made it into a 5 step process!!
    Seeds to Plants
  • Boy
  • This is the inspiration behind our little sketchers' mascot! Ain't he cute :)
  • T surprised me y'day, by making this for me, especially for me :) felt so nice, i had just come back from work, and he was finishing it up...Made my day!
    Flowers for me
  • Peacock
  • ship
  • flower
  • More Trees
  • trees
  • This is an old sketch by t, perhaps when he was around 2 and a half.
  • Imaginary creatures, imaginary friends... a superb work of art!