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Sketches (69)

  • Riva drew this toon of ariel during her summer vacations. She wanted to draw something different from her previous darwings and she thought she had never drawn the disney princesses yet...So here it was.
  • riva doesn't drink tea but she wanted to make a sketch about tea.
    My Tea
  • Some fun with pastels.
  • riva's first painting with acrylics.
    A plant with wh...
  • riva made this drawing after reading a poem which had a reference to a porcupine.
  • eagle
  • amazing_butterf...
  • chameleon
  • Lemonade
  • beautiful_farm
  • santa claus' portrait.
    Santa Claus
  • sun
  • cake
  • swan
  • peacockfeather
  • firewood
  • blue_hair_girl
  • apple
  • now this is surrealism!!! Amazed to see riva fuse these two forms in such a way! A peacock with a "henna decorated hand" as its feathery tail.
    Henna Hand as P...
  • This is riva's favourite cartoon character dora. Interestingly riva tried a new surface this time for her sketch. She found a discarded piece of plywood at home and she drew on it with oil pastels and chalks!
  • This is what happens when a girl draws a demon..She tends to decorate him. So, this ravana is blinged by riva. He clearly looks perturbed by his blinged skirt :d
    Ravana Blinged
  • That's the fish riva plans to draw in her drawing exam.
  • princess1
  • happydiwali2012
  • mycity
  • sun&flower
  • downdrawing
  • This one is riva's most complicated and ambitious drawing till now. I have been sketching comic pages these days and she got inspired and did her own comic with animal characters. I am yet to listen its story from her.
  • She tried ball pens and a glitter pen for colouring this peacock drawing and it turned out to be a good medium for kids since it was easier to handle the fine tip of a ball pen rather than the fat tip of a pastel stick.
  • my_dog
  • Another from the series of rapunzel...
  • mermaid
  • Riva watched the movie tangled. And she liked it so much that now she has seen it umpteen times and still is forever ready to watch tangled. She made several drawings inspired from the fairytale. This is one of them.
  • fishr
  • stargirl
  • multicoloured s...
  • xmas
  • xmas_0001
  • mandala_0003
  • art&craft
  • beautiful_day
  • beautiful_castl...
  • Happy Diwali
  • rainbow
  • snail
  • moonface with f...
  • butterfly
  • nice_girl
  • peacock
  • ice-cream selle...
  • This is blabar sun...Don't know what is blabar...But riva is sure that this is not our regular sun. May be from some other galaxy :)
    blabar sun
  • Snowman and his friend with christmas tree...This is what riva would like to explain this drawing
  • beautiful girl
  • the-very-nice-h...
  • This drawing was more of a greeting card. These days riva converts all her drawings into greeting cards by folding the paper in the middle. She divides the drawing also in two section. So this one was on a day when i was not well. Riva has tried to write "be well" (her term to wish get well soon) on the right side of drawing.
  • girlwithpet
  • bride
  • Riva says she has made a girls hand here, with all the colours girls love. There is impression of henna design on little finger.
    The decorated h...
  • Riva did this after she found some scrap packing material (wood wool) in her chocolate box. "I thought i should do some craft work with this wooly stuff", she said. And then she created a mama with those blonde hair and her little girl beside her.
    the kitchen gir...
  • This is riva's classmate riddhi. Riva drew her portrait because she is the only one in the class who wears spectacles.
  • the rainbow and...
  • song for flower
  • orange girl sho...
  • Dad and the bal...
  • Diwali festival
  • Boys
  • the duck says q...
  • The beach, the ...
  • girl with chris...