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All of us have our little thoughts and ideas which find expression in doodles, sketches, notes, drawings and so on. The problem is where to put them all after deciding what to keep, what not to keep?

Curiosita refers to an insatiably curious approach to life and an unrelenting quest for continuous learning. Every child is a curious little being!

Our Curiosita Sketchbooks can help your children harvest the power of ideas. Now they have a place to jot down their dreams, to-dos and ideas!! It is their vision board, their companion! These sketchbooks can be personalized to reflect their individuality in an assertive way.

This personalized sketchbook comes with 50 different A4 sheets great for sketching, mind mapping, doodling, writing notes, doing painting, as a vision board and so on. Like all products in the line, the sketchbook is simple, yet elegant aimed at satisfying a wide group of consumers interested in a long term and mobile container system as well as functional aesthetics at reasonable price.

A classic cutout of the initial made by Cheena Kaul provides a beautiful and intriguing effect by allowing the viewer to get a quick peek into what lies inside.


Width - 10.75 inches
Height - 12.00 inches

Material Used

MDF Board


  • A perfect gift for budding artists to showcase their portfolios!
  • Lightweight and easily folds to give “easel” like support
  • Ergonomically designed handle and rounded corners making it easy to handle.
  • Can use as a scrapbook, stick pictures, write stories. The possibilities are endless.
  • Available with wide variety of sheets for sketching, painting, coloring etc.
  • Gives the child a feeling of complete ownership and pride.
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