All children have great thoughts and great ideas which find expression in doodles and sketches…random thoughts, random doodles, find place everywhere. Be it walls or bedsheets or whatever ‘canvas’ the little ones lay their hands on!
Given a chance, every parent would like to cherish each one of these amazing masterpieces. But, they usually run out of ideas and space. Some art adorns the walls, the refrigerator, the pin up boards while some gets stored away in boxes, files and folders. 
And very soon they all grow up.
The way your children learn and absorb information will dictate the way they THINK, IDEATE and IMPLEMENT! Harvest the power of ideas, the power of doodling, the power of visual note taking and discover a new way of learning for your child.
Maybe those were just your fancies, but had you saved any of those little ideas, something would build up, something that would give you some dots to connect…to ideate…to implement.
How many times we wish, we had something from our own childhood saved and documented somewhere.
That one great idea that could have saved the martians or that secret invention which was just so ripe.

Little Sketchers started as a need to document and share the art and ideas of children.
And also to encourage parents to understand the importance of art in their child’s mental and creative development. It is amazing to know how art can impact the human mind!
Do you want to create a Studio for your child?
A place to jot down his dreams, his vision and ideas.