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Talking to your child about his creation

Posted on April 19th, 2012 by Cheena.Kaul    

He lifts his head up and looks at you. The blue and the yellow pencil strokes random and haphazard fill the paper in front of him. He is proud of his creation, you can see it in his tiny eyes.

The critic in you wants to say a lot. Lot more than the child wants to hear and even needs to hear at this stage. But of course you can’t be all happy and excited about it. Wow! What a lovely drawing…you are so good…all this meaningless talk will not help the little artist either.

The best bet is to start a conversation around it. Ask him to tell you more about it, but do not ask him what he has made…unless you want the story teller in him to run away and hide somewhere.

Would you like to tell me more about this tiny shape you have here? I think it looks like a tendril. Where did you see that? You know why plants need it? And so on and so forth…let him weave the story…let his imagination run ‘freely’ and yours too :)

Somewhere I read, that your imagination is the best gift you will ever receive. How true! Just imagine!!


Framing your child’s art

Posted on April 2nd, 2012 by Cheena.Kaul    

Everyone likes to decorate their walls with meaningful art. Art that reflects their taste and style.

Have you ever considered using your child’s art as ‘art’? My wall is full of art by my son and I love to look at all the lovely drawings and paintings he has created, some for me some for his dad and some just for simple, happy smiles for all who visit us from near and far.

Art never seizes to give happiness and pleasure, no matter who created it. Your child will feel so great, so very important if you start ‘collecting’ his art. You can get it framed in various colors complementing the drawings. Some black and white sketches look best with black frames. When my son was very little, he had a fascination for airplanes, he drew all shapes and sizes. I got them all framed in black, tiny frames that looked awesome when all put together. Consider using bright frames, like red…but keep it thin, so that it looks more like an ‘outline’ than a frame.

Each time I look at my wall, well…his wall…it brings back fond memories, his tiny voice fills my ears…for all the zillion reasons he made what he made. I especially love the flowers he made just for me. They will always bring me oodles of bliss…

I highly recommend framing your child’s art. You will love it. And imagine how much it will boost his self esteem. Your little artist needs a wall of his own! Go ahead, give him one…maybe two…why not?