Whiling away time…creatively!

by January 23, 2013 in Projects and Activities

Next time you go out with your child and don’t know how to keep him busy, do not pass on your cell phone over to him…there is another creative way of ‘whiling’ away time.

You will enjoy every bit of it. Yes, you need to involve yourself, but in case you cannot it will still work well. Carry a small notebook or better still a sketchbook and a pencil or pen every time you step out!

Yes it works all the time.

Of course your child may not show interest in the start but you have to teach him simple games like the good old tic-tac-toe or join the dots.

Perhaps you will coin a game of your own!! Just like my son did! Cool! Creative! Uplifting! All we did was to write our names one by one in different writing styles each time. The one who came up with the most ‘creative’ styles won! Well, eventually we both were winners, since we were both at our bestest best 😉

It is quite a ‘mental’ excercise…can easily get addictive! LOL!!

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