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What’s in a Sketchbook?

Posted on February 23rd, 2012 by Cheena.Kaul    1 comment

Do you need a sketchbook? Does your child need one? Well, neither of you is an artist, or are you?

Curiosita Sketchbooks are not for artists alone. If you* have ideas, big or small, ideas that keep you awake at night and also the ones that help you sleep well and then come up with more 🙂

You do need a sketchbook.

You need it to jot your thoughts. Your feelings will become more ‘visible’ and they will find an expression. You will be more ‘aware’. Awareness generally leads to better knowledge and a better insight. Exploration becomes more vivid and the better you get at it, the better it gets!

It feels good to be able to express thoughts and ideas. No? It is an exercise for the brain. And exercise is always good. So to keep your brain in good shape you ought to doodle and scribble.


C’mon you need to jot your thoughts. For who knows, one of those (maybe plenty of those) might become the ‘next big thing’!

Add some daily dose of sketchbook vanilla to your schedule. It will never harm you. Doodle that history lesson that you can never seem to grasp or the chemistry that keeps escaping you. It’s time to catch on!


* You or your child or any homosapien who wants to benefit from the good old art


Paraphernalia Table

Posted on June 4th, 2011 by littleadmin    

This vibrant little table has a some neat ‘containers’ for all your paraphernalia…be it stuff you picked up on vacations or your trip to the beach or little thingies from your child’s babyhood days.

Our Little Sketchers Paraphernalia Table comes in hues of yellow, peacock blue, green and red. Use it as a center piece or cover it with a glass top. The choice is yours. I let mine be open and about…

We can also give you a ‘primed’ table that you can paint yourself with your kids on a weekend! You will be proud of it! What say?

Let’s get going!