• Use of single color sketchpen and straight lines made this simple composition a unique piece.hut and windmill
    • Inspired from a scene in the movie ‘Cars’.cars on a tall bridge

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    11 years, 12 months ago

    • TajMahal on a sunnyday with the golden light!TajMahal on a sunny day
    • Volcanic eruptions of ideasVolcano
    • Tejjas is learning alphabets and inspired by different writing styles he developed one for his own name.Calligraphy

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    12 years ago

    • It was a beautiful sunset after rains and Tejjas was with me in the market looking at the sky, the sunset and the buildings. Small window details and trees of the city add nice culture into the sketch.Market buildings with a lovely sunset
    • Another from the series of tall buildings. Sketch interestingly demonstrates different forms of architecture with pinch of color!Tall buildings
    • Another Cars movie…

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    • Sketch telling the story of designing a car with all the readings and measurements around it and even a logo – probably f1 🙂car designing in Tejjas’s studio

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    12 years ago

    • Tejjas has started coloring the sketches and this one very vividly.Tractor and a village hut
    • TajMahal 🙂tajmahal

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    12 years ago

    • Tejjas added a nice safety detail on crusie ship. The sun set series on a different location 🙂sunset on an ocean ship crusing

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  • Sketch word in itself propels me to draw and most of the time from observation.

    I’ve started keeping a particular section in sketchbook, “observation” which helps me collect points which are more indepth about […]

  • ThumbnailOnce upon a time there lived a star upon the sky. And this little tiny star had a wish…a wish to be more. More than just a star. It wanted to be more…

    One night a lovely fairy visited this little tiny star […]