Learn . Apply . Profit

by June 11, 2012 in Art to Art

Explore the various mediums. Go ahead. Don’t be afraid. Make some mess!

Focus on the process of learning. Of doing. The end-product is not the only thing you should aspire for. What you create is important, yes very important but how you create, how you ‘arrive’ at it is the key. The exploration, the process, the flow and the fun…

Enjoy every bit of it. Immerse in it. Get soaking wet in the process!

Do not mock. Do not make fun of what others create. Each one has a way of ‘arriving’ at it. Respect that. You will learn from that as well. Find your own expression.

Do not compare. It will only slow you down. Let your creativity grow. Draw whatever you feel like. Make notes. Jot your thoughts. Make them visual. Doodle and scribble. Apply the learning wherever and whenever you can. You will be surprised!!

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