Tuning In…

by May 25, 2011 in Stop and Ponder

tuning inLast night, the weather was simply awesome! My son usually doesn’t like to sit outside and ‘enjoy’ the weather…there is not much in that for a 5 year old anyway… He would rather play a game or watch TV inside.

I asked him to sit for a moment. I am happy that I managed to convince him. Happier still from the outcome… Well, thought of playing a little game. Told him to close his eyes and listen to all the sounds that he could hear…told him to list a few…a biker zipped past on the road, a chair was being dragged somewhere, a dog barked, an old man coughed.

All this while I was whispering to him.

Suddenly he whispered back, “I can hear you too mumma”! For a minute my heart skipped a beat.

My son was tuned in…

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