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Painted Pebbles

Posted on May 28th, 2011 by Cheena.Kaul    

One can make art out of anything, all it needs is some creative thinking and lots of art material at hand!

Just happened to visit my niece and nephew today and they were so excited to show me some amazing creations!

I ‘Super’ liked each one of those beautiful little thingies!! Wow! what art!

Their mom is an artist and it was her idea…The next day the house was filled up with a whole lot of kids wanting to paint :) what a sight!


Thanks for letting me use these pictures here and thanks for coming up with such a cool activity for the summer vacations! I hope to share it with as many kids as I can!


Tuning In…

Posted on May 25th, 2011 by Cheena.Kaul    1 comment

tuning inLast night, the weather was simply awesome! My son usually doesn’t like to sit outside and ‘enjoy’ the weather…there is not much in that for a 5 year old anyway… He would rather play a game or watch TV inside.

I asked him to sit for a moment. I am happy that I managed to convince him. Happier still from the outcome… Well, thought of playing a little game. Told him to close his eyes and listen to all the sounds that he could hear…told him to list a few…a biker zipped past on the road, a chair was being dragged somewhere, a dog barked, an old man coughed.

All this while I was whispering to him.

Suddenly he whispered back, “I can hear you too mumma”! For a minute my heart skipped a beat.

My son was tuned in…


Jumping Frogs

Posted on May 24th, 2011 by Cheena.Kaul    


Paper craft has always seemed intriguing to me, ever since I was a child, and even now. Imagine how some lovely stuff gets created out of a sheer piece of paper. Amazing! Beautiful animals, lovely birds and awesome beings!

Well, here is a little paper activity…must say, I have become quite a pro in this one ;)

Jumping frogs!! Made quite a bit. Almost a dozen perhaps…My son and his friends were all over the place with these tiny creatures, racing and jumping and giggling.


Doodle n scribble… splatter n sploosh

Posted on May 20th, 2011 by littleadmin    

We see kids fill up pages after pages and the next thing you know these beautiful pieces are lost forever.

chalksBut it is interesting to see how children over years improve their drawing skill on there own. Without any formal lessons in art they seem to mature on their own. They are self taught in every sense. They are the best. No wonder we grown ups tell each other to ‘nurture your inner child’. There is a reason, we believe :)

For this very reason, we created this platform for our little sketchers. A platform for them to dabble in color. A platform for us, the parents, to relive our childhood…

We hope we manage to keep this spirit alive and let our kids just be :)

T_drawingWho knows who is the Picasso or the Van Gogh or the Leonardo da vinci amongst them…who knows…but what we know for sure is that we should let them enjoy every moment of their childhood and let this be a medium to connect!

We strongly believe that every child is an artist. Stats show that only a small % actually grow up to become ‘real’ artists. Somewhere down the line, these little sketchers get distracted and perhaps get ‘busy’ with other stuff. We as parents can at least try and nurture this ability for as long as we can or want to.

In our profession as UX designers, we have rarely come across a designer who can sketch. Who can take pencil to paper in the real sense…

blackboardEver wonder, why all kindergartens encourage art?

Art is not only good for their minds but also thoroughly therapeutic. Give yourself another chance to relive your childhood! You will have no regrets :)


Cornflakes Airplane

Posted on May 15th, 2011 by rajivkaul    

cornflakes carton cutouts

A paper airplane with an empty carton of Kellogg’s cornflakes…Real Honey, my son’s favorite :)

Tear off one side and draw with a thick marker an outline shape of the airplane. You can draw anything…from a stealth bomber to a passenger plane or a fighter aircraft!

Based on the airplane type, draw its wings - like in this cutout I’ve drawn a fighter aircraft with missiles :)

tejjas-with-airplaneTake a paper cutter and scissors to cutout the shape.

Fit all these shapes together and then color the complete airplane in camouflage patterns or you can even leave it without color.

Here you have a complete airplane which you can fly with your kids.

tejjas-adjusting-airplane-wingsThere is a pilot sitting in the cockpit withhelmet on! Careful!! Here you go!

You can download this template and make your very own airplane! Paint it red, paint it blue…or paint it crazy! Enjoy!


Just Be :)

Posted on May 13th, 2011 by Cheena.Kaul    


When children doodle, they enjoy it to the hilt…ever seen a child sit and ponder what if this becomes a master piece or not? I guess, no…A child would do anything for that matter for just the fun of it. Never worrying about the ultimate ‘result’. When your child comes running to you with his doodles and sketches, look at his face, look at how his eyes light up. A comment from you can make it or break it for him…Just think…

Enjoy and be. That’s what one can learn and strive for. Believe in the theory of Karma, as they say

Be like a child…be in the moment!


Stamp Project

Posted on May 13th, 2011 by Cheena.Kaul    


It’s summer time! Afternoons are spent mostly indoors, unless you want to get outside and get all nice and brown, kind of baked that is! Well, so why not take out those papers and colors and the ‘squiggly’ scissors and get going…

This idea was in fact ‘generated’ by my 5 year old son, Tejjas. I was quite happy helping him out and he was having a great time, doodling away…First he drew all the shapes and forms (supposedly, symbols of some imaginary nations!) in his sketchbook. Then he kept passing these on to me, and I patiently cut each one with his ‘squiggly’ scissors. It is called something else, perhaps…but I prefer calling it that. You can come up with your very own name too!

So once we had all these little imagiNATION stamps all cut up and done, we got down to pasting them on to a paper. Well, couldn’t find the glue…so used the tape instead.

Came out pretty cool!
Plan to do this again sometime soon


A star that wanted to be more!

Posted on May 12th, 2011 by rajivkaul    

starOnce upon a time there lived a star upon the sky. And this little tiny star had a wish…a wish to be more. More than just a star. It wanted to be more…

One night a lovely fairy visited this little tiny star and guess what!!! It granted it’s wish…the wish to be more :)