Fake it till you make it

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by September 22, 2011 in Stop and Ponder

smilesIf you are feeling sad as you sometimes will…all you need to do, is just simply smile even though it seems hard to do. The moment you smile, or even fake it, somewhere somehow some tiny little particles of happiness lift you up. That’s a miracle…no wait…that’s science!

The act of creating art, of appreciating art, of dabbling in art is also very similar to the act of making yourself smile…go on try it now. Just smile. What do you feel? Any better? Perhaps! There you go!!

For this very simple reason and need we feel, we should maybe slow down from our routines and just participate in some art making. You will be surprised by the results! You don’t need to be an artist to do so. Observe your child, learn from him or her. Go on…try…you might just create a zillion smiles inside of you…who knows…

" smiles make me smile
smiles make me happy
I want lots of them, so
I will never feel crappy! "

2 responses to Fake it till you make it

  1. Amy Renea said on December 23, 2011

    I love, love, love your mission and this site…what a wonderful idea to allow children’s creativity to shine!! Amazing!!

  2. Cheena.Kaul said on December 26, 2011

    Thanks Amy! I really believe in the ‘fact’ that our childhood dreams and obsessions are the key to knowing the work we’re meant to do as adults…I have borrowed these words from an amazing artist, Jessica Swift…I really second her thoughts :)

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