Art all the way!

by August 19, 2011 in Stop and Ponder

Unlike the egg and the hen situation, it is very obvious what came first, art or speech. It was definitely art, the simple straightforward art in the form of drawings, sculptures and music. Theatre has always been a part of certain individuals amongst the human species from time immemorial, so we cannot overlook that, for sure!

cave painting

Before man could even speak, he made art…the drawings were symbolic of his day to day life, the chores and the ways of life back then. A symbolic, pictorial documentation, a way of journaling thoughts and actions. The stone age man and woman adorned themselves with art too, not just the walls of their caves, they liked to beautify everything around them. Art brought them joy! Remember, they had no idea about the written or the spoken word, but yes they knew sounds, they knew music. And even when the writing system did evolve, it was largely pictorial and included many abstract signs.

Just like the cave people, the human baby, who has no idea about the word, written or spoken…or heard…indulges in art…if permitted…and creates amazing masterpieces! There is in fact a striking resemblance between the art of famous artists and pre-schoolers! So should we say art is the only truth. Perhaps. A few strokes, a splash of color, all in complete unison…a silent harmony can open up a whole new world…

“We must never forget that art is not a form of propaganda, it is a form of truth”
— John Fitzgerald Kennedy

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