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by July 7, 2011 in Stop and Ponder

When I was small, I had a pen friend. We used to exchange a lot of cards and letters. I enjoyed writing.

Grew up, made friends in school, a couple of them moved out of town. We stayed in touch. We wrote letters. We sent out cards. Still when I think about those days, it brings back fond memories. The anticipation. The excitement. The amazing feelings. The bond. The friendship.

I have always considered myself lucky in terms of friends and even otherwise 🙂

lettersBut somehow, the close friends, usually moved out of town and sometimes even out of the country. Out of sight. But never out of mind. I enjoyed writing essays and stories as a little girl. Then I grew up. Grew up and entered this wonderful digital world.

A world that allows everyone in it to have a voice. A voice that can reach far and wide. Everyone in this world can write and find an audience. An audience that writes back. Friends and strangers alike. Everything happens in an instant, mostly.

I miss receiving letters and cards in the ‘real’ world.

My son loves to create imaginary stamps. This illustration is also derived from one his drawings. He often writes and draws letters and cards…perhaps in the hope of sending these out to an imaginary friend…someday…

The other day I mentioned that I will take him to a post office, where he can see real letters, and real stamps. He can talk to the people who deliver the mail. He seemed so surprised by the whole idea, and exclaimed “wow”.

I really really hope that the ‘snail mail’ doesn’t become a thing of the past, to be seen in museums and history books. I wish to allow my son to relish the pleasure of sending and receiving letters. Since he can’t yet write…we will send out some ART to his ART PALS 🙂 and definitely visit the post office very soon!

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