Stories – Home Made

by June 5, 2011 in Projects and Activities

BirdiesWe often buy story books for our children. We read out stories at bedtime. We tell stories at meal times. In fact we are talking stories all the time…well almost!

These lovely little birdies are tools for you and your child to ‘cook’ up your very own stories…all new, all home made! You can tell your child to draw animals, birds, humans, fish and whatever they fancy…cut these up and stick them on to cardboard. Take care to also cut a long ‘stick’ so as to hold these little ‘puppets’ while you are telling your story!


You can also create a background of say a garden or a city to enhance the effect.

This is not only a cool pass time but as you will discover yourself, it’ll help build communication and creative skills.

All the drawings in these pictures and our very own Home Made Story are done by Tejjas – my little sketcher 🙂


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